A high pressure water jetter is constructed of a high pressure water hose, which is fitted with a selected nozzle depending on the ailment in question, and connected to an electro mechanical machine. Water Jets are particularly effective in clearing blockages caused by grease, sludge, different forms of sediment and debris, and even tree roots, not to mention flushing out sewer systems and cleaning out the pipes completely.

Let our team of experts help you maintain your sewer line so that a blockage never has a change to occur. Please refer to the preventative maintenance section for more information. Or CLICK HERE.


A CCTV drain survey is essentially a video inspection of your sewer line using a special hi-tech camera attached to a push rod. Many drain problems can be difficult to diagnose due to their inherent construction and the fact that pipe lines are generally hidden under concrete floors and inside walls. We at ARMS Drain Specialists are equipped with CCTV drain survey equipment from the industry leaders, which enables our team of experts to eliminate any guess work and isolate the source of your drain problems


The most common tool for clearing blocked drains and sewer lines is a motorized sewer snake. As the name implies, a snake machine is constructed of a heavy duty metal wire, coiled in the form of a spring, which is connected to a mechanical motor. The motor allows the spring, which is fitted with a selected cutter at the end, to rotate as it is pushed through the pipe eliminating any blockage in its path. Our team of experts at ARMS Drain Specialists are equipped with an arsenal of the most high-tech sewer snakes available in the market today, and we are able to clear even the most difficult blockages. There are many times a blockage in your sewer line is the result of a much bigger problem than just household waste or grease, especially in much older establishments. The main cause of a blockage in certain cases may be due to a misaligned, bellied or collapsed pipe among other underlying factors. In such an event, a complete replacement of a particular section of pipes may need replacement. ARMS Drain Specialists can diagnose the problem promptly and administer the appropriate measures in order to return your sewer line to perfect working order. We have the tools and knowhow to overcome any sewer problem you may encounter.


Over time, sewer and pipe lines corrode and decay which inevitably causes a pipe to burst and start leaking. A leak in your pipes can and should be a major cause for concern because other than the unsightly aesthetic damages it can cause, such as wall flaking and tile loosening, you are also liable to be paying much higher water bills than you would otherwise. Sometimes the source of a leak can be identified quickly especially in the case of a visually exposed pipe, but in most circumstances leaking pipes are hidden under concrete floors and inside walls, making the exact location of the leak difficult to isolate without the right equipment and expertise. Our team of professionals at ARMS Drain Specialists are equipped with state of the art noninvasive leak detection technology allowing them to pinpoint the exact source of the leak, and thus minimizing the surface area of the excavation point to fix the leak, which translates to lower construction repair costs. Let are experts spare you from heartache and save you money by eliminating added excavation costs, and fixing the leak exactly where it lies with the aid of our precision based leak detection equipment.  

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